About Us

We Buy at Wholesale

You already spend money somewhere for things you need and want.  Let us show you how to save money by shopping through our network.

Reasons to Shop Our Network:

  • 450 + Consumable Products
  • Partner Stores and Services
  • Thousands of Products & Services
  • Health and Beauty items
  • Home and Personal Care Products
  • Nutrition: Vitamins, Snacks,and Sport Drinks with zero sugar
  • Specialty Items and Gifts, such as Electronics

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you. However, we do not normally send out information by mail to people we have not met because we need to know who we expose to the network.

It makes little difference that you live or work outside our area because  one of our associates can meet with you.

Please contact us by phone during normal business hours or send an email to set up an hour appointment. At that time, we will discuss your needs and leave some information with you. 

Virtual Store

This is a virtual store run from home.

Location: The Internet/Onalaska WA, The United States

Contact Us: (360) 670-1548

Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm Saturday: By Appointment

Sunday: Closed


Recently, I joined a  Smart Business Network of people who designed a better way to shop.


Now I go online as a wholesale consumer for things I use everyday.  I don't have to get dressed up, put gas in the car, find someone to babysit the grandkids because they are too young to take with me, and I don't need to find a ride to the store with someone because my car broke down.