The Network

Better Way to Shop

We work with a network of professional business owners who designed a better way to shop for things we need, want, or use every day.  It is a system that enhances our shopping experience and earns us benefits as we shop.

The Network uses modern technology to make shopping easier, more enjoyable, and less time consuming.  For example:  Online Shopping Lists let you list items you use often, so you don't need to reenter them each time you place an order. When you're ready, you can add all or part of a list to the Shopping Cart or DITTO® (scheduled orders) with just a click! The item will be delivered when it is needed.

Buy at Wholesale

We all spend money somewhere on things we need and want.  Why would we give our hard earned money to the retailer when we can purchase the same thing through our own network at wholesale?

Not only do we save money paying wholesale prices, we also earn  bonuses on the total volume spent within our network. As more shoppers join us and shop, our total volume earns more benefits.

Let me sum it up for you: 

  • we shop within our network;
  • we earn bonuses on what is purchased by us and what we sell to others at retail, 
  • we earn more volume and benefits as others join our network and shop.
  • With the Network's Money Back Guarantee, we cannot lose!

Join Us

I enjoy being part of this network, I enjoy buying what I need and want through the network, I enjoy earning bonuses for shopping within the network, and I would enjoy you saving money and earning bonuses with us.  If you are interested in hearing more,  just send us an email or call so we can set a time to meet. 

An hour appointment is necessary to get to know each other before you join the network. We only bring people in that we know before they join the network. 

After you assess what we offer, determining that this is what you might want to do, we will get you set up as a retail or wholesale consumer.

With the Network's Money Back Guarantee, we cannot lose!