Power of Duplication


You already spend money somewhere for the things you need and want.   

Instead of paying "Retail Price" at another store, you get what you want, need, and use every single day online through our network stores. 

  • You pay "Retail" as a customer or "Wholesale" as a network member.  

  • You save money shopping our network that would normally go to a retailer. 

  • You keep that money in your wallet and save it until there is enough to go on a vacation, maybe go to a movie, or go out on the town with a special one.

There is power in Network Shopping and saving money that would normally go to someone else. 

Power of The Network


It won't take long before others notice something is different in the way you spend time and money, and they will ask you about it.

Naturally, you will share Network Shopping with your family and friends.  They will want to save money and time as well and decide to shop in your network membership also.

Show those who ask about it how they can go online and shop as well. Tell them that the amount they each spend as a network member will be added to your total amount. 

Tell them that the same thing can work for them when they belong to the Network and allow others to shop with them; that way, perhaps we all can receive a bonus. 

Now THAT, my friend, is the beauty of Network Shopping. In my opinion, it is a GREAT way to shop.

How It Works

Soon people like you will be raving about the Network on social media? Sharing great stories that help you and others appreciate the potential you have and how it changes you all into loyal shoppers. 

As your network of shoppers increase, the total volume spent among you increases as well and earns you and them bonuses and other benefits. 

This Is What's Happening?


  1. You and those you contact shop for what you all need and want and what you use every day;
  2. Then those contacts shop for what they need and want and contact others;
  3. Those contacts shop for what they need and want and contact others;
  4. And on and so on it goes. 
  5. The point is that someone in your Network will be shopping every day of the week;increasing your volume and bonus level.
  6. This scenario goes on every single day whether you do anything or not! Someone new becomes a shopper with you or with someone else in your Network AND EVERYONE consumes. 


Duplicate Yourself

You duplicate yourself when others JOIN and use the network with you. 

The volume that now passes through you increases as well.

As your volume increases, the size of bonuses the network pays you increases.


Often, the more income you receive, the more likely it is that your situation will change as well. 

Likely it will change the way you live your life.

Likely it will also change the people with whom you associate.

Have Situations Changed

What situations (divorce, marriage, children, employment, unemployment) have changed in your life recently? 

What conditions at home or work changed your expectations of the future? 

Are you looking for a way to change your situation and give you more choices in how you live your life? 

How do you plan to compensate for the changes that negatively affect your life?

Do you have plans to change your situation or to change circumstances in the future?


Let us talk about it; we may be able to suggest some alternatives.

Share the Big News

I ENJOY Working With The People in Our Network.


I ENJOY Getting Bonuses For Shopping in The Network.

I Want You Shopping With Us, Just Ask Me How You Can.

I Suspect You Will Like Working With Us As Well.

Let Us Set An Appointment to Talk. 

You May Suggest Some of Your Family, Friends, and Neighbors Check Out This Website As Well And Come Meet With Us When We Come to Your Appointment.  

You Might Also Suggest They Come Over And We Can Set You All Up in The Network Together.