The Treasure Box Series

Treasure Box Series: Peace, Joy and Happiness

     This book explains escaping the rut we live  in, how to experience peace of mind in the chaos around us, and how to create joy and happiness in our lives.

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     I believed writing this book was something that I needed to do. I felt like a spotlight was put on the lessons I was leaning after 911 and that someone was saying: "Pay attention, remember what you learn, and then write about it".  

     Because of errors I found after the book printed and on Amazon, I was too embarrassed to promote it with those mistakes. Since then, I've learned that there is always going to be mistakes. Truth is, most writers avoid reading their own books because they often see things they would want to change; so I stopped fussing about it. 

       Although the book was published in 2005 with errors, I believe it is still full of good information for today. 

      The Treasure Box Series was first written for me to help when the time came that I needed the information. What better way to understand answers to problems than to have them come from our own words? 

     I received a lot of teasing from family and friends for thinking I could write books that people would actually buy. You see, according to family, I was just MOM and I know nothing about sex or Peace, Joy, and Happiness so I should not write about it. 

       However, they did praise me for not giving up and seeing my work through to publication; even though none of the children and most family and friends ever read the books.  In addition, I felt that friends from high school considered me a dumb blonde who could never do anything intelligent. Funny how sometimes, family and friends can be weird about things like this. 

Real Testimonials

 *The Author Said: Even though the book may not be perfectly written or it is too long (a few people said it had too much information), the book has helped people in several ways.

*Doyle, of Arkansas said: "I got the books today. I have a bad habit of reading three or four books at a time so it may take a while."       

      The next day he said: "I am on page 6 and I have figured out two things: One, I will not be reading any other books for a while; and, two, this is going to be a long journey because I have to stop constantly and make notes. It's as if you wrote the book to me! And you don't even know me.
     "Talk about mirroring life in general! I learned more in the first ten pages than I did in ten years of therapy. Why is it that you are not a therapist exactly? I have read several self-help books and...I always get something from them, but I am only on page 10 and have gotten more out of it than any other. I think you just have the amazing power to mirror life in general. Once again, thanks so much for writing this book. "

*Anna, of TX said: "I read your book and it helped me with a problem I was having for a long time. The day I took home your book, I put on a pot of coffee and stayed up all night reading. I marked a lot of passages and then read back over them. I cried a lot, but I was able to put things to rest. I was able to close the door on it. Thank you." 

*Carol, of Ohio said that I helped her reconnect with her estranged daughter. She added: "God has truly guided you into my life! Do you know you are the only person I've found in my entire life who truly 'understands' where I'm coming from? I'm reading your book, read more than two-thirds of it. It really is helping me in a lot of areas. You have enough material there to write several books! Do you have training in professional counseling? If not, you're really good at it.

*Joni, of CA, said: "I read the part about relationships to my friend and it helped him a lot. He told me that he and his wife are doing better now because of what you said in the book." 

*Terrance, of Utah, said: "I want you to know you served me by what you wrote in the book about seeing parameters and staying in your personal zone." 

*Helen, of TX, said: "It's a lot of information to take in. That's good! It's like the scriptures or conference talks. Sometimes it takes reading it a few times to get all the information." 

*Norma, of TX, said: "I'm enjoying reading your book. I especially like the story you told about the snow and living in the mountains." 

*Vern, of TX, said: "There is so much wisdom in this book. I just kept wondering where all this wisdom comes from." 

*Vida, of TX, wrote about the Chapters tilted Protecting Democracy and We Can Do It Together: "I had an experience two days ago that is relevant to these chapters. . . I was serving breakfast to the evacuees [of hurricane Katrina] . . . One of the volunteers was talking when I walked up. She said, "I have a real problem with this war in Iraq. All those poor people are doing is trying to defend themselves.' I was flabbergasted that anyone could be so naive and could not keep my mouth shut. I responded, 'I don't agree. They weren't defending themselves when the World Trade Center was attacked. They aren’t' defending themselves when they blow up innocent women and children with suicide bombs.' Believe it or not. I did not raise my voice or become angry at her [naiveté]. It was great! She said, ‘You're right.' I hope that helped her think through what she had been saying — and I am sure I'm not the first person she had told that to." 

*Kathy, of TX, said: "You say some really good things and I like the way you say them. I think your ideas are interesting. The information makes you think." 

*Jerry B., of Texas, said: "I read your book." I said: ‘That’s good. Did you like it?’ He said: "No, but I needed to hear it."  

*Author wrote: Please understand that there is no question in my mind that this book was first written for me in preparation for my own trials to come. Wisdom and inspiration were imparted to me through my writing this book. What better way is there to teach principles that we can understand than by using our own words? Do you see the miracle? The miracle is that I understood what I needed to know when I needed it because of counsel given to me from beyond the veil. Without this gained knowledge, I am positive that I would have had mistakes along the way that surely would have made things more difficult. This is why I feel compelled to share my experiences with you. Perhaps something I say will ring true for you and help you understand what you need to do in your own trials.

Sex, What About It

Developing a Healthy Bond That Provides Deeper Love in Relationships! (The Treasure Box Series)

I decided to quit complaining about how nonchalantly sex is treated these days and write a book with a different perspective. 

The book explains that, by our creation, sex is given to us as a blessing from God.

  • Sex is meant for creating a family to continue human life.
  • Sex is also a blessing from God to promote a healthy and happy relationship.
  • Sex can sooth the sole when it is treated with love and respect.
  • Fidelity promotes trust and bonding without worry that the partner will stray when he or she meets someone else.
  • Some partners find it is difficult to really trust a person who has had sex in earlier relationships. 
  • The partner may believe fidelity is not possible for a long period of time because he or she will become bored and look for a new partner.
  • Such thoughts are difficult to resist when there is always the sense that others came before him or her.

You do not have to agree with me on this point but history (and the scriptures) show this is true.   

"Sex, What about It" relates to old fashioned standards because I am old fashioned. However, that does not mean the book has no merits today. For centuries, old fashioned standards were the foundation of healthy societies; so it must work.


Facts about contracting diseases that are prevalent with promiscuity is discussed in the book, even though people and teens have likely heard it more than they like. And yet, girls still get pregnant. 

If a girl gets pregnant, there are tips in the book to help her get the help she needs without ridicule or criticism. My advice is to consider what you say and why before you talk to her about her situation.    

She will likely need help with babysitting, clothing, and maybe a little money (given as a gift without making her dependent on you as her benefactor). She needs to maintain her self reliance and self worth.    

All we should do in trying to keep a girl from getting pregnant is help her understand that she must set limits on places she or her boyfriend can touch. Once this commitment is made, the line can NEVER be crossed. Also, both need to commit to not putting themselves in compromising situations; from which they may not be able to stay out of trouble.


These are a few topics discussed in the book and much more that can benefit your teen daughters and sons without it seeming like it is coming from you. 

The book also talks to adults about sensitive areas that may not be healthy for their relationship. If the idea is to have a healthy and bonding life together, certain practices condoned by therapists should NOT become part of your sex life. You will have to determine if the practice is good for your relationship.

Real Testimonials

Carolyn B. said This book is good and should be in the high schools for every student to read.