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  • Laundry Soaps/ Dry or Liquid 
  • Laundry Boosters                     
  • Stain Removers
  • Fabric Softeners
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Kitchen Cleaners

Glass Cleaner

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Bathroom Cleaners

Air and Water Treatment Systems

Air Treatment

Water Treatment


Knife Sets

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Ditto Scheduled Orders

Shopping Lists - Order Items Off List

You can store things on your shopping list that you use often and regularly need to replace.  However, you do not have to reenter these items every time you order.  

When you are ready to order, you can add all or part of your list to the Shopping Cart or DITTO®  scheduled orders with just a click.

Once the shopping list and DITTO® are set up, it takes little attention to continue getting the items when you need them without having to go out to the store. Do you think Wallmart, Fred Meyers or any store you shop at would give you this type of service? Just ask the store manager this question and see what he says!

Set Up Your Own Store

What do you think about starting your own Fred Meyers type store in your neighborhood? 

Since you own the store, wouldn't you shop there or would you buy from a competitor? And wouldn't you ask your friends and family to shop in your store as well?

I suspect you would pay your shopper friends and family various rewards for asking their family and friends to also patronizing your  store. The more they spend in your store, the more grateful you would be, and the more you want to reward him.her accordingly. This scenario is how my store works.

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Partner List

 Providing the best for babies and toddlers. 


 Send a truly original arrangement or gift and let us deliver a smile for you any time of year. 


 Prescription and non-prescription pet medications. 

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